Your phone will freeze to death this winter!

Posted on Friday January 22 2016 12:10


Here's how to take better care of it

The large shifts in temperature could prove fatal for your phone and damage the battery lifespan.

Your phone will freeze to death this winter!

There's no doubt that the winter can be a challenging time for your smartphone, especially if you use it a lot while outdoors.

One of the absolutely biggest problems with using a smartphone too much in the cold, is that it actually gets warmed up – Both by its internal hardware and our body temperature.

Then when we put our smartphone back into our cold pockets or bags, there's a risk for condensation forming inside the phone, which can easily cause damage.

The cold bleeds your battery

Getting this kind of damage can quickly become an expensive experience, especially since this type of damage is rarely covered by warranty.

The cold can also be rough on your battery, so it's a good idea to fully charge your smartphone if you're going outside for an extended while.

It's also chemically known that batteries lose power when exposed to cold weather, while they can sustain power better in hot weather.

4 smartphone winter survival tips

  • Put the phone in the pocket of your coat – If it's too close to your body, the warmth can cause unwanted condensation.
  • Is your phone cold after a night in the car – Be careful about letting it get warm too fast, since that could also cause damaging moisture.
  • The cold saps your battery – Make sure your phone is fully charged or bring a power bank.
  • Is your phone even built to withstand cold weather? - It's not if it's an iPhone, but other phone models, such as Samsung and HTC, claim cold resistance capable of withstanding down to minus 10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit).




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Your phone will freeze to death this winter!

The large shifts in temperature could prove fatal for your phone and damage the battery lifespan

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