Amazon: Package Drones will be just as common as package delivery trucks

Posted on Wednesday January 20 2016 12:49


According to the Internet giant is not a question of whether the package drones are coming, but when they are.

Package Drones will be just as common as package delivery trucks?

- I can assure you they are very real.

Amazon's Vice President for Global Public Policy, Paul Misener, said in a dierct response to the question whether Amazon's drone project is more than just a gimmick.

In an exclusive interview with Yahoo, Misener reveals a bit more on the drone project that has gradually drawn headlines for a few years.

- We have assembled a team of Amazon Prime Air that includes aeronautical engineers, robotics researchers and a former NASA astronaut. These people are completely focused on making this project a reality, he said.

Misener also states that it is actually not as difficult as one would think, to develop a robot that on its own flies out to deliver a package.

- Automation technologies already exist. We must just ensure that the drones work and we will have to reach a point where we can demonstrate that they are safe to use, he says.

Package Drones will be just as common as package delivery trucks

Still, there are challenges that Amazon has not yet solved, such as how to deliver packages to people who live in apartment buildings.

It is much easier to deliver the goods to people living in their own houses.

Misener doesn't think trees and telephone wires is a problem.

- These drones are more like horses than cars - and let me explain why. If you have a small tree in your front yard and you want to drive your car into it, you can do it.

- But try to ride a horse into the wood. You can not get it to do. The horse will see the tree and walk around it. The same will be truth for our drones, as they will know that they should not fly into it - as it hurts.

The reason for this is that the drones are equipped with so-called sense-and-avoid technology that makes robotic airmen able to perceive and avoid things that are in the way.

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Amazon package drones are already in several versions.

Overall Misener thinks, it's harder to convince lawmakers that package drones can be a reality, than it is to solve the technological challenges. Nevertheless, he is optimistic.

- Once we have demonstrated the safety of the system, we believe that the legislation quickly follow, he explains.

If anyone still have any doubts about Amazon's package project is just a marketing stunt, the Amazon boss his best to evoke the idea to the ground.

- We believe that one day it will be just as normal to see our Prime Air drones, as seeing a delivery truck drive down the street, he said.

- I've seen them. It's going to happen. They really are coming.




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Amazon: Package Drones will be just as common as package delivery trucks

According to the Internet giant is not a question of whether the package drones are coming, but when they are.

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