Five reasons why you don't lose weight!

Posted on Wednesday February 10 2016 11:42


Five reasons why you don't lose weight!

Maybe there's a reason that your diet hasn't paid off yet. Get five great recommendations here on how to lose weight.

Have you tried a diet very seriously but didn't get the results you'd hoped for? Well then you're not alone. In fact you're far from alone.

You might be wondering why it doesn't work or whether you're doing something wrong. And you might actually be doing something wrong because many people aren't completely sure about what to eat, or more importantly what NOT to eat when they're on a diet.

Maybe you think the protein bars at the local gym are just what your body needs or that orange juice provides you with all the vitamin C you need. Or that avocados are healthy. Well think again. To make it easier for you, we've collected five top recommendations that you should follow if you're serious about your diet.

1. Protein and energy bars

A protein bar contains just as many calories as a chocolate bar, so unless you're an athlete, you definitely don't need energy or protein bars. Many people believe that energy bars are related to sports and fitness and that it's a healthy way to keep your blood sugar levels up. Those people couldn't be more wrong as just one 60 gram bar contains between 250 and 300 calories. Just one single energy bar can upweigh the calories you just burned off at the gym.

2. Dressings and sauces

You might be telling yourself - I'm allowed to have the high-quality olive oil because it's healthy - and the pesto is made entirely of healthy ingredients too, so that shouldn't be a problem, should it?
But wait - did you know that just one tablespoon of pesto contains a sum of 100 calories?

We'd like to emphasise that the healthy fatty acids are quite important - even when you're on a diet. If you do not include them in your diet, you risk having your skin dry out and your body will be in need of fats. So you should have some fatty acids but not too much. We recommend you set a rule of having only one tablespoon of oil a day.

As an alternative to using oil with salads, there are various light dressings but they often contain more additives than normal oil. You could mix an oil-vinegar dressing and limit the amount you put on your salad.
If you have one, you could use a dressing shaker with a spray, so a small amount of dressing spreads through the salad. If you're making your own pesto, you might want to avoid the Parmesan cheese, which of course contains a large amount of unsaturated fats.

3. Rice, quinoa and corn products

There are actually many carbs in these products so don't just eat away because they contain a lot of energy. And although wholegrains should be a part of our daily diet, partly because carbohydrates provide brain fuel, and because dietary fibre is very good for the digestion, you must be careful about how much you eat of these products because this could be the reason why you don't lose weight.

Alternatively, cut down on your consumption, by eating half of what you normally do and supplement that with vegetables. Choose wholegrains like quinoa or whole spelt grains instead of white rice, which contains virtually no fibre at all. It is true that quinoa contains slightly more calories per 100 grams than white rice, but is more satisfying and nourishing due to the much higher content of vitamins, minerals, protein and dietary fibre.

4. Avocados, nuts and dark chocolate

Finally, something we can eat - it says so in various health and diet books! And while these foods are healthy, unfortunately they are also very high in fat and therefore high in calories.
Many people think that it's okay to eat these products while on a diet, and that is technically true but it's important not to overdo it! Maybe instead of eating a whole bar of chocolate, try having only two small squares. Or eat 10 almonds a day to get the oils you need, but don't eat a whole bag of nuts.

Try eating half an avocado a day - as part of your lunch for instance. The avocado is not, as many believe, so healthy that it should be eaten as a supplement, but rather it should be eaten as part of your normal diet. An avocado contains up to 300 calories, and that's a lot of extra energy if you want to lose weight.

5. Juice and smoothies

A fresh and healthy way to start the day, you might think. But no. - When you drink a small bottle of orange juice, you actually consume about three oranges. A standard size of 100 grams of orange contains 50 calories. That means that a 33cl bottle of juice, which contains about 150 calories. A smoothie of the same size has about 180 calories. The same calorie counting applies to many energy and vitamin drinks. So if you want your glass of juice in the morning, then you should settle for a small glass and count it as one from your maximum of three pieces of fruit each day.

Alternatively, you can start the day by eating one orange or some other fruit for your breakfast. That's an easy way to save 100 calories. Always be careful about liquid calories during the day.




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Five reasons why you don't lose weight!

Have you tried a diet very seriously but didn't get the results you'd hoped for? Well then you're not alone. In fact you're far from alone.

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