Does it hurt sleep when you bring a phone with you to bed?

Posted on Sunday January 17 2016 14:32


Everyone seems to be buying and searching more and more for gadgets and devices to entertain you, but leading psychologists now advise us to spend less time using them, especially just before bedtime.

Turn off all screens well before bedtime - and find the good old-fashioned book instead.

Does it hurt the sleep when you bring a phone with you to bed?

The last thing you do before you sleep is to check the phone. Does it hurt the sleep?

It is a highly relevant question - for you are absolutely right! At many of us have taken the smartphone space on the nightstand, where the book was formerly, and in the shadow of an excuse that "it's my alarm clock", the phone has become our anchor just before bedtime. And that really is bad.

Less than a year ago a very solid study found - conducted by one of the world's leading sleep researchers, Charles Czeisler, the equally acclaimed Harvard Medical School - that the use of gadgets such as smartphone, tablet or computer just before bedtime can delay and shift the sleep rhythm and bring man into a condition similar to jetlag.

The blue light disturbs more than you would expect

Does it hurt the sleep when you bring a phone with you to bed? The reason is that the blue light from the screen suppresses the body's natural production of the hormone melatonin.

Melatonin is popularly called "the night hormone" or "dark hormone" because it helps regulate the body's internal clock and plays an important role in relation to calming down and falling asleep.

In Czeislers's experiment, it was found that by the intense use of gadgets before bedtime, is a reduction in the secretion of the sleep promoting hormone as high as 55 percent, and there is a large shift in the timing of when the melatonin is secreted.

In reality, it may very well cause a shift in man's "body clock" of up to one and a half hour, as well as to the "sleep onset" takes significantly longer.

Not really present in the work

However, this is just one part of the problems of using a smartphone just before bedtime.

Researchers from the University of Florida, Michigan State University and the University of Washington has on a workshop consisting of 82 managers and middle managers been able to demonstrate that the more minutes they had used their smartphone after the bell rang 21 in the evening, the more exhausted they were the next morning.

They also experienced less self-control and focus during the day - and that they were inferior to their work.

It can not say it much clearer than that!

It's keeping our system online

The bottom line, then, is that when we use our gadgets - smartphone, tablet, computer or TV - before bedtime, we really are telling the brain that it must stay awake.

We start to have thoughts and reflections, we "keep our systems online" - and we tells our system not to produce melatonin since we use the blue light, which our body normally uses to calms down, and we fall asleep by!

So it is just to fall back, to the good old advice to achieve the seven to nine hours of recommended sleep:

Turn off your smartphone, TV, computer and any other gadgets with lights well before you go to sleep, dim the lights in the room, read a good book or talk with someone you love.

That is as simple as it gets!

Good night!

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Does it hurt sleep when you bring a phone with you to bed?

Question:The last thing you do before you sleep is to check the phone. Does it hurt the sleep?

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