A sad day! Our users top 10 Bowie songs!

Posted on Monday January 11 2016 13:16


After the sad news that David Bowie died from Cancer, yesterday January 10th 2016, just days after he Friday released his 28th album After the sad news that David Bowie died from Cancer, yesterday January 10th 2016, just days after he Friday released his 28th album, “Blackstar” - Dealry network has seen a massive increase in many searches related to "David Bowie" - most searches is "David Bowie signed". Hence we have decided to make this tribute to the ultimate Master.

David Bowie's music gives listeners goose bumps and lots of memories. He - being an ultimate musical legacy, among other things, spanning 25 studio albums, it's hard to say if you are a Bowie fan or not. Instead, it is more about what songs, periods and styles, we have grown most found of.

We have asked a few Bowie fans of the best numbers ever, and according to them, there is hardly the situation or life period that Bowie has not formed a backdrop to. But it could also just be good music from the man who has also inspired and provoked by style icon, entertainer, actor and debater during a career through six decades.

DAVID BOWIE 1947 - 2016

The singer and songwriter David Bowie died Jan. 10, 2016 after having been ill with cancer for eighteen years. Yet his death was unexpected for the general public, and it has sent shockwaves through the world. David Bowie died two days after the release of the album Black Star.

We has counted all the favorites, and here's a top 10 Dealry users' alltime-favorites with the no. 10 first:

#10 : 'Station to Station'

The title track from the album that Bowie has called a milestone in his career, several Bowie fans voted for this song. It is a classic from Berlin period that Jules has shared this fine anecdote from '83 on:

- I bought the vinyl of Oxford Street and brought it home to my girlfriend. I sat there for many evenings and looked at the beautiful girl make-up and heard the 'Golden Years' over and over again. And then she when was ready, we could finally go to the city.

From 'Station Station' (1976)

#9 : 'China Girl'

Heroin Addiction or the love that sticks? Whatever Bowie the connoisseurs touting 'China Girl' to deal with, so it is a track with a strange history. First published by co-author Iggy Pop, a dark and somber version of it in 1977 - however with Nile Rodgers help - Bowie made it dance floor friendly in 1983. Andrea writes:

- I love 'China Girl', which is so melodic and has the sexiest video.

From 'Let's Dance' (1983)

#8 : 'Starman'

The number tells the story of Bowie's alter ego Ziggy Stardust, who brings a message of hope and peace far from another being in outer space. Although in many ways it was wicked, the comic hit many fans. As Brian writes:

- 'Starman' is from a world of its own..

From 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars' (1972)

#7 : 'Ziggy Stardust'

Meta story of a rock star, Ziggy Stardust, meaning to do well to humanity, but ends up as a victim of his own hedonism and the fans, he would like to excite - is iconic and eternally relevant. Angela writes:

- Ziggy Stardust changed my view of pop music for ever! Amazing experiences. Thank you, David.

From 'Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars' (1972)

#6 : 'Changes'

The chorus 'Turn and face the strange' has been singled out by beats singer Andreas Foiley - as being the very essence of David Bowie. Do not run from the strange and obscure, but embrace it. An unnamed Bowie fan writes:

- The song played over and over in my head when I was very young and traveling in the East - pretty lonely and overwhelmed by impressions. I think it's about that you have to take what comes. The song is both touching and strong (...).

From 'Hunky Dory' (1971)

#5 : 'Space Oddity'

Bowie publishes the space epic that mixes psychedelia with folk-rock, five days before the US sends Apollo 11 mission off into space. Here we follow Major Tom, traveling into space obscurity. James describes it here:

- It is a true super classic. One of many evergreens from Bowie's hand. Have a good time out there in space!

From 'David Bowie' (1969)

#4 : 'Ashes to Ashes'

Meanwhile, Major Tom is touted to be an intergalactic explorers in 'Space Oddity' the tune is different 11 years later. Bowie reveals the space pioneer to be a drug addict and thus puts an end to the '70s. The video, which Visages Steve Strange participates also introduces the 80s new romantics movement. Adam writes:

- It overshadows them all. It was and is a revolution. He was so far sighted. He was a culture king. Long live the king!

From 'Scary Monsters' (1980)

#3 : 'Let's Dance'

One of Bowie's biggest hit singles was to be enjoyed on the dance floor. With the Chics frontman (and later Daft Punk-partner, Nile Rodgers sitting at the buttons the ultimate hit was created. This Eighties hit has been resampled over and over, and the album was a stepstone for the guitar virtuoso Stevie Ray Vaughn. Bowie later even called the album as its 'Phil Collins -year'. Glen writes:

- I was on holiday in southern France the year it was released, and Bowies voice was playing from all of the speakers at the cafes and transistor radios at the resort - and you really had to dance when he sang 'Put on your red shoes'.

From 'Let's Dance' (1983)

#2 : 'Life on Mars'

A cross between a Broadway musical and el Salvador Dali painting. This was how the single was described by a BBC radio host. This description hits the feeling very well, the number mixes surreal text with musical happiness and drama. A combination that makes it almost impossible to sit still. Norman loves it:

- The first love is always the one they remember best. With David Bowie was the 'Life on Mars', which I heard in my big brother's cassette player when he was not home. It opened a whole new musical chapter in my life.

From 'Hunky Dory' (1971)

#1 : 'Heroes'

It's hard to find *THE* Bowie signature, but only a few numbers set equal imprints as 'Heroes'. Created by Bowie in coorporation with Tony Visconti and Brian Eno and sung in French and German - in addition to English in the original - was 'Heroes' already tipped off to a very good start. Today, 'Heroes' appear on most Top lists of the world's best songs and is also what our users favorite the most. Here is a selection of recitals, fans have shared with us:

- 'Heroes', because that was what he was and is. (Peter )
- The best song ever made of the greatest musical artist ever lived. (Randall)
- It is distilled youth: love, hope and faith in life - and an awareness that everything must end at some point. (Audrina)
- 'Heroes' is the number that is closest to my heart, I get a lump in my throat just when I think of it. (Rene)

From 'Heroes' (1977)




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A sad day! Our users top 10 Bowie songs!

David Bowie's music gives listeners goose bumps and lots of memories. He - being an ultimate musical legacy, among other things, spanning 25 studio albums,

Read more